How to Change your Company Name & Address for your Autodesk Account

Although you can easily change your personal information in your Autodesk Account profile, Company Name or Address changes must be submitted with a signature on behalf of the Company.

  • Download the Company Address or Name Change Form (PDF).
  • Complete the form electronically and then print, or print the form and complete it offline.
  • Sign the form. (This change cannot be accepted without a signature.)
    Scan the completed, signed form and save the file.
  • Fill in the required fields in the form below to open a support request.
  • Click Submit and Attach to attach the scanned form file to the request.
    Submit the request.
  • Once Autodesk receives the complete, signed form, their Customer Care team will make the change to your account.

NOTE: This form is for Company Name and Address changes only. You will need to use a different form if you need to transfer ownership of a license. See our blog on Transferring Ownership of Autodesk Licenses or Subscriptions.

Tips on how to install and update your Autodesk software

Autodesk subscription and maintenance plan customers have access to the most recent version of Autodesk software when a new version is released during a contract term. Current software versions are available for download from Autodesk Account.

Product versions are independent of one another and are not “add-ons” to previous releases. You’ll need to download and install the full new product version.

To install a new version of your Autodesk software:

  1. Uninstall your current version: Uninstalling your existing Autodesk software helps avoid software conflicts and installation errors. Uninstall utilities are provided with most Autodesk software. Look in the Autodesk > [Product Name] folder. See Uninstalling a Product for more information.
  2. Download your software: Sign in to your Autodesk Account at to access and download your new software. Look for the software you wish to download on the Products & Services list and click Downloads to activate the download pop-up window.acct-download-upgrade
  3. Install your software: The Install Now option will download, decompress, and install your software in one continuous process and also assist with activation. If you used Download Now or Browser Download, launch the installation files you downloaded to begin installing your new version.
  4.  Activate your software: Some software requires you to enter the serial number displayed in your Autodesk Account. Other products may only require you to sign in with your email address and password for your Autodesk Account.See the Activation & Registration customer service pages for more information.


Why Autodesk Moved to Subscription-Based Software


For Autodesk products worldwide, Autodesk has phased out perpetual licenses of their software. The current subscription offerings allow you to access multiple products and to share licenses just as you could with perpetual licensing.

Why the change? The way we design and build is changing rapidly, which also changes the tools we use and the ways companies and individuals buy and access software.

By subscribing, you receive a simplified customer experience, enjoy lower upfront cost, and have the ability to pay for Autodesk products and cloud services for the amount of time that is right for you: monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-year term lengths (availability may vary depending on region or access type).

Your subscription makes it easier to access your software and stay up-to-date. You will be able to subscribe to an individual product or a collection of products that can be used by a single-user or shared by multiple users. Providing subscription offerings with flexible packaging and licensing options protects the value of your existing investment in our technologies.

If you purchased a perpetual license for the products, you will continue to own and have full usage rights for that license. If you are on maintenance for your perpetual license, you will receive software updates and corresponding benefits for as long as you continue to renew. You can renew your maintenance for as long as you want.

Autodesk and Microsol Resources will work with customers to make this transition as smooth as possible so that our customers can plan for these changes. This FAQ has been prepared to address any questions about this transition.

Still have questions to find out more about finding out the right Autodesk software product–perpetual licenses or desktop subscription for your organization and project? Please contact us at or call 888-768-7568.


Setting Autodesk User Permissions for Products, Services & Support

Subscription administrators such as Contract Managers and Software Coordinators can add or remove access to products, cloud services, and subscription benefits for named users on a subscription contract in Autodesk Account. For information about adding and removing users, see Adding or Removing Users on Subscription in Autodesk Account.

Managing User Access
  1. Sign in to your Autodesk Account at
  2. Select Management to view your Products & Services.
  3. Click on the Users icon in the left-hand navigation menu. Note: The User Management icon is only visible to account administrators such as a Contract Managers and Software Coordinators.

Autodesk Account Profile Management

Read more of this post

Managing Autodesk Users & Permissions


photo-1431576901776-e539bd916ba2How do you control which user have access to the Autodesk software? Here are some best practices and tips for controlling which users can access your Autodesk maintenance plan benefits.

User Management includes administrative tools to help contract administrators manage and control user access to benefits. This blog will give tips on how contract administrators can manage and control user access to subscription benefits in Autodesk Account.

Named User Management

What is a named user and how many named users do I receive per product seat?
A named user is an individual who has been assigned to a product and the cloud services associated with that product. See our blog on Adding or Removing Users on Subscription in Autodesk Account and Setting User Permissions for Products for more information.

Subscribers can assign named users to products to grant those users access to the cloud services associated with those products. The number of named users you can assign per product is determined by the total number of seats available for that product. Read more of this post


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