Accessing Autodesk Support and Granting Microsol Resources Autodesk Subscription Support View Access

In order to access support from your Autodesk Account, you will want to start by logging into your Autodesk Account at Click the Account tab at the top to display all your products and services:
All Products & Services

Now click the Support tab on the menu at the top of the screen and select “Contact Us” from the menu options.

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If you are an Autodesk Subscription customer, you can access support in Subscription Center by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into Subscription Center at
  2. Select Support Requests from the Welcome screen. If you’re already viewing your subscription benefits, select Technical Support from the left-hand menu and select “Create a Support Case” in the Web Support.New Picture (2)

If you want to complete a Web Support Request, you will need to select the Support Topic that best describes your issue:

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Then fill in the required information (marked by the red asterisks). Note: This information will vary depending on the chosen topic. Please provide as much information as you can so that Autodesk can provide the best possible support.

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To help describe your case, attach any files (such as screen shots or log files that may help the support specialist) by clicking the Browse button. Finally, click the Submit button when your request is complete.

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Quite often, our customers using Autodesk software create support cases in Subscription Center. When creating a case, it is very important to grant us, your reseller, access to the case so that we can help in an appropriate manner. In order to do so, please use the checkbox option for whether or not information is shared with the reseller. If you click this, then you are agreeing to the share the case information with us at Microsol Resources.


Join us at Ideate’s Event: Master the Revit Data Model on September 16th in NYC

Ideate Software is pleased to announce that Ideate Software will be holding a morning seminar event in New York City on Tuesday, September 16th. Discover what Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer for Revit can do to help you save time, enhance collaboration, and increase accuracy on Revit projects. This seminar is suitable for Revit users of all levels and disciplines. Please read on for the presentation description and schedule.

September 16th, 2014

730 Third Ave (between 45th and 46th)
New York, NY 100174
*Located in the TIAA-CREF building. Location is secured, so pre-registration is required and we suggest arriving a few minutes early.

8:00 am : Light Breakfast, Networking, and Introductions

8:30 am : Auditing Your Project with Ideate Explorer for Revit
If you are not yet providing weekly auditing on your Revit models, then your project is at-risk. Learn our top 10 ways to audit the Revit model.

9:30 am : Mastering Your Revit Data With Ideate BIMLink
With Ideate BIMLink, you can pull a variety of information from your Revit model into Microsoft Excel, and push edited BIM data from Excel back into Revit with speed, ease, and accuracy, saving you a lot of time and money. We will be showing you several ways to quickly edit your sheets and views using BIMLink.

For more information:  View the full invitation. Register here.

Revit Server: Backing up files and keeping the cache refreshed

Revit Server is a useful tool for multi-site collaboration, but it also has some limitations, and some issues that require preparation and attention.

The first issue is: how should I back up the models that are in Revit Server?
The second is:  when accessing models on the Accelerator, why do they open quickly on some occasions, and very slowly on others?

The answers to these issues are linked.  Let’s start by reviewing some backup methods.  Read more of this post

How to request a new network license file

So you want to know how to request a new network license file? Just follow the five steps below:

  1. First, login to Register Once to get your license:
  2. Validate your account information.
  3. From here, enter your serial number:product registration
  4. Then, enter your license Server information.product registration
  5. Now click Next and the license file will be emailed to you.

If you’re still having issues, feel free to shoot us an email at or call us at 888-768-7568.

Top Five Reasons Why Autodesk Software Users Should Upgrade and Maintain Subscription

Most design professionals all share a very common dilemma: keeping up with software.  This issue is inevitable as CAD and BIM software is constantly changing and evolving to newer versions.  While there’s the choice to never upgrade, it’s not a viable solution, and one that will eventually come back and bite users.

Below are the top five (5) essential and compelling reasons why Autodesk software users should be upgrading their software and maintaining Subscription.  Not only will it help users stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, but it will also protect their CAD/BIM software investment.

Read more of this post

Technology Trends for Design and Construction Recorded Session

Microsol Resources recently invited McGraw Hill Construction to reveal their latest findings on the advancing scope and impact of technologies and processes that are transforming the design and construction industry. Steve Jones, Senior Director of McGraw Hill Construction, and author of McGraw-Hill’s SmartMarket Reports, provided highlights from his recent studies including:

  • BIM in 10 Major Global Markets
  • Information Mobility
  • Lean Design & Construction Processes
  • The Global Growth of Sustainable Design and Construction

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about Steve Jones & McGraw Hill Construction’s latest technology solutions and trends:

Cascading and Distributed License Servers for Autodesk Products

As you may know, LMTOOLS instances on a server are not aware of, and do not communicate with, other servers running LMTOOLS. In a distributed license server environment, the client computer will query servers in the order specified in the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, in the registry entries and the LICENSE.LIC file (in that order).

Therefore, we might assume when a client requests a license, it will query the first server in its list and look for an available license. If it doesn’t find one there, it checks the second server for an available license, and so forth.

It turns out that this is not the case. Instead, the cascading sequence has priority, regardless of which server the client computer is told to look for first. Read more of this post


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