BIM Implementation: A roadmap on how we can help

BIM Implementation RoadMap

Very often, clients ask us: ‘We need to implement BIM on this project, what can you offer us not just in terms of getting off the ground, but for the entire life-cycle of the project?”

And very often we respond with a litany of products and services that are on the table. We cannot give specifics because we don’t know how the project is going to evolve and they don’t ask for specifics because sometimes they don’t know what to ask for. This approach works fine most of the time, and clients reach out to us as and when they need specialized consulting services.

Recently however, we needed to put together a menu of our offerings based on our past experiences in executing services across the entire life-cycle of a building project. It was an opportunity to reflect on what we had to offer in relation to what our clients do. The results were enlightening because the road-map we ended up with reinforced  our philosophy of helping our clients succeed and making sure that we are able to support them all the way. The chart above is a sampling of our services and product offerings based on a generic project workflow. Of course we assume that you already own the software to get started with your project.

What happened to Autodesk Structural Detailing?

If you’ve been looking for Autodesk Structural Detailing 2016, please be aware that you will not find it! The program has officially been discontinued. Now what? Autodesk Advance Steel is your new solution.

Autodesk® Advance Steel is easy-to-use and comprehensive software for structural steel detailing which can help fill an important gap in the steel design to construction workflow. Built on the familiar Autodesk® AutoCAD® platform, the software’s 3D modeling tools help you accelerate design and detailing. Work with an extensive library of intelligent, parametric structural elements, steel connections, and plates, or model your own custom elements and connections with intuitive tools. Help speed time to fabrication by automatically generating shop and general arrangement drawings, creating bills of material (BOMs), and producing DSTV CNC files directly from your designs. Interoperability with Autodesk® Revit® software and other BIM solutions supports a more connected BIM workflow from design through fabrication to construction.

Some of the key benefits of Advance Steel include:

  • Integrates with Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Navisworks® software products for building projects
  • Integrates with Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D software with object-enabler technology and Navisworks for industrial projects
  • Provides comprehensive modeling libraries of profiles and connection types
  • Highly customized for local steel standards including steel connection design
  • Helps reduce shop errors by producing NC & CNC files directly from the 3D model and connecting these models directly with leading MIS software.
  • Supports collaboration in a multi-user 3D model environment
  • Automatically updates and maintains revision control of documentation

For more information regarding Autodesk Advance Steel and its benefits, please visit our product page here or contact Microsol Resources at 888-768-7568.


Autodesk Home Use is one of the flexible licensing benefits available exclusively to Autodesk Maintenance Subscription customers with an Autodesk license on the eligible products list*.  Autodesk Home Use allows access to your Autodesk product by allowing for a second installation of the license on either a laptop or home workstation.  The administrator on the Autodesk Account, the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator(s), would make the request within Autodesk Account. If you are an end user, you will need to contact the administrator to fulfill this request.

Note that for standalone licenses on Maintenance Subscription, you just use your existing serial number on a machine for home use.  This process is only required for Network licenses on Maintenance Subscription so that Autodesk can create and provide a companion standalone serial number.  Serial numbers can be located by navigating to the Products & Services tab in Autodesk Account.  For details please visit our blog post: Read more of this post


While there are many paths to the desired location; the Autodesk Account user interface is a lot more user friendly than the discontinued Autodesk Subscription Center.  Here is one way administrator’s (the Contract Manager and/or Software Coordinator(s)) can locate current and previous product serial number(s) and product key(s) in Autodesk Account:

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Why buy the cow when you can rent the milk for a small fee?

Autodesk currently offers software rental plans as another option to pay for Autodesk software. Today you have a choice to buy a rental plan or a perpetual license depending on what works best for you.  Autodesk rental plans are called Autodesk Desktop Subscription. Desktop Subscription licenses are fully-featured versions of Autodesk software installed on a workstation with the ability to be used on/offline.  Like Autodesk perpetual licenses you retain ownership of your work and the files you created within the software even if you forgo renewing your Desktop Subscription.

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